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The times have changed

The world is uncertain and a lot is out of your control. What we want for you, is to have 100% control of your future, with quality and consistency. Consultants are tired of selling ten accounts and only getting 4 to the roof. Here at the SunShop, we have a proven track record for success, not only in sales but in operations. Professionals from around the country are joining SunShop to find their home and build a true solar career. 


Gear?! Of course, we have awesome gear! New to the SunShop is our gear store. Our relationships do not end at just sales and operations. We have additional partners to help our guys get the best customized SunShop apparel offered. 


Times change and so do we. SunShop is about to announce our all-new SunShop University exclusive for SunShop employees. You will have extensive access to training from some of the most successful business owners, leaders, professionals, and guest speakers in the industry. 

Who we're looking for

Passion, Motivation, and Character are the top three characteristics of a SunShop professional. Passion about doing something bigger than yourself. Motivation to be the best person you can be while helping others and creating financial independence.
Character, as a person, what you work for, what drives you, and how you treat the people around you matter most. 

Tech & Tool

Our cutting-edge tech enables you to conduct business faster and more efficiently in all areas of the business. We have committed to the future enhancement of our tools and have a healthy budget allocated so you never have to worry about our tools becoming obsolete.


A central hub for sales leaders. See quick stats and sales leaderboards, become motivated through great competitions, and receive training from some of the best in the game.


A sales rep pocket companion. Easily estimate commission, access key contacts, and stay up-to-date on company policies and sales rules.


A sophisticated door knocking app. Get quick and accurate data and easy area management. Simply order entry, access to leads, and safely store customer information and appointments.

Who we are

Get to know SunShop, where the sun shines brighter. With combined 20 years of experience, The SunShop group has helped thousands of homeowners transition over to solar energy. We noticed a gap from the consultation to installation and solar programs that homeowners are obtaining. With the connections we have made, we have quickly built one of the strongest organizations in the industry.

Join us

Do you think you have what it takes to represent the SunShop? We know we have the winning formula to build careers and help you obtain financial freedom. With honesty, loyalty, and dedication, joining the SunShop will bring you the finer fruits in life.  Here at the SunShop the sun ALWAYS shines brighter! 

Ready to Dominate?

Ready to become part of something great?
Give us some basic information and one of our team members will reach out to you, answer all your questions, and see if this is right for you.